Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth;
Break forth in song, rejoice, and sing praises.
Psalms 98:4

Media Team Registration

What you see during services does not happen all by itself. It requires believers like you, willing to connect yourself to a ministry that's all about technology and gadgets!

The media department is about giving and receiving. When you give just a little of your time to serve you may receive blessings and a sense of belonging like you have never experienced. What could be better than the fellowship with others that have the same passions about the perfect light flash, awesome boom from the speaker or the perfect fade from one camera shot to the other?

Join us as we press toward that feeling of accomplishment that is gained as we grow, help others to grow in Christ and as the Body of Christ. 

We are reaching for the highest standards. This requires many hands and many talents. Openings in all positions of the ministry need to be filled so that we have enough for all our services and extras to rotate in the event that someone has to be out.

This person will sit in the media room operating the video control board, direct the camera personnel, and initiate / terminate internet feeds.
While many of the service cameras are mounted, there's options for hand held, or tripod mounted, broadcast camera's to be used during services and special events.

This position allows you to create music videos for our services and sermon segments for our web page and outreach ministries. 

This person insures that our services and internet feed sounds clear and professional. If you have an ear for clarity and range of sound, or would like to learn these techniques, the sound technician position is for you. Located in the sound booth at the back of the sanctuary, the sound technician is also responsible for operating the light board for special productions. This position is shared with the music, drama, dance, and video production ministries. 
This person will operate the church's worship software Easy Worship displayed by the overhead projectors. You will start/stop announcements, music videos, and slides with lyrics. This person also would create new files of lyrics for live worship. This position is shared with the music ministry. 

This generation spends more time watching video presentations than any other form of entertainment; which means, we can reach this generation through the production of short, attention grabbing, video's that tell a powerful message. With the proper positions filled, we look to open up into this area and see technology as another mission field.

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